India, Iran, Russia look for new trade corridor

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India, Russia and Iran explore new route

India, Russia and Iran are meeting next month to work out the details of a massive project to open a new sea-land transport corridor that would be a cheaper

Sanctions fallout: Russia-China now joined at the hip

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Sanctions will only bring Russia closer to China

The downfall of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency appears guaranteed.

Russia would bleed dry with sell-offs

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Looming fear of assets' sell-off in Russia

There is no need for Russia to accept this pro-rentier economic philosophy that bleeds a country of public revenues. Neo-liberals are promoting it not to help Russia but to bring Russia to its knees.

Rumble in the Ruble; but not in Yuan

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Low interest credit is way out for Ruble

A case can be made that for Moscow it would be a tremendous waste of hard-earned foreign exchange – to try to counter a rig against their currency they simpl

Dollar-free world gathers wind

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Dollars and American wars are interlinked

Three significant moves in the first fortnight of 2016 signal a drive to end dollar hegemony and usher in a multi-polar world.