Friday, February 23, 2024

Russia’s massive strike on Ukraine’s weapons’ stockpile

The Russian Armed Forces delivered high-precision strikes with cruise missiles on Ukrainian depots containing foreign equipment and ammunition, the MoD says. As a result, a significant part of Ukraine’s stockpile was destroyed.

“Last night, the Russian Armed Forces launched group strikes by high-precision long-range sea- and air-based weapons against the enemy’s reserves and full-sized depots storing foreign armament and hardware. The purpose of the strike has been achieved,” the MoD said in a statement.

The movement of reserves into combat areas was also thwarted.

The Russian Armed Forces successfully operated in the Kupyansk, Krasny Liman, and Kherson directions, as well as in the Donbass and Zaporozhye regions, crushing Kiev militants and their equipment, including a cutting-edge US-made artillery system and a Soviet-designed Su-24 aircraft.

When Russia launched its special military operation to protect the people of Donbass, Western countries ramped up military support for the Kiev regime, providing it with state-of-the-art equipment. Moscow officials have consistently warned that such moves have a detrimental effect on the crisis and that NATO weaponry, no matter how sophisticated, will eventually be destroyed. This week, a Russian Kinzhal missile hit a US Patriot missile battery in Kiev – an air defense system once considered a symbol of US military supremacy.

According to the Russian MoD’s calculations, since the beginning of the special operation to protect Donbass, Russia has destroyed 428 Ukrainian airplanes, 234 helicopters, and 9,218 tanks.

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