Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sensational: Hathras village head says victim was attacked by her own family

The head of the village of the Hathras victim has made the stunning allegation that she was attacked by her own family which led to serious injuries to her.

He further said the victim and the main accused were in touch over the phone and the victim’s family had not approved of the relationship. He also said the cellphone was given to her by the accused himself.

“In the Hindu religion, no one can do such an unethical and criminal act (gang rape). If the accused are guilty then hang them, but first, prove them guilty.

“Everyone is ready for a test (narco test). A person should not be punished for the crimes of others. What happened in the case is like this. The family of the victim did not like their relationship. The boy came to meet her but her family saw him. And then they got angry with their daughter and they thrashed her,” claimed the village head.

On Tuesday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT head Amit Malviya demanded that Hathras gang-rape victim’s brother be questioned for several phone calls were made between the accused and the victim’s family.

The call records open another front in the case and it could be a case of “social enmity” Malviya suggested. Further, it’s alleged that the victim’s brother was in constant touch with the accused.

The village head has also written a letter to Hathras SDM claiming workers of political parties were staying in the village in the garb of victim’s kin and conspiring to create law and order situation in the village.

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