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Shivkumar takes bribes: Karnataka Cong leaders spill the beans on own President on camera

DK Shivkumar, president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, takes bribes and one of his close aide has made between Rs 50-100 crores in collection. 

This spilling of the beans has come from none else but Congress stalwarts themselves as former Congress MP VS Ugrappa and KPCC media coordinator Salim made an unguarded conversation, unmindful that that the microphone in front of them was on!

Posting the clip, BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted: 

Shivkumar has often been in news on corruption charges and Income Tax department, Enforcement Directorate and CBI have often raided him for his alleged ill-gotten wealth. But before we list his notorious background, let’s hear out the conversation between two state Congress leaders, in Kannada, (below)

Salim: What happened Sir. It was 6-8%. DK came and made it 12%. DK will make it. There is some adjustment of DK

Ugrappa: Hmmm

Salim: Uppar, G Shankar, Hanumanthappa, You know Hanumanthappa of Bellary, Don’t you? From Hospet, You know Uppar, Bangalore. G Shankar, Udupi

Ugrappa: Uppar is from Bijapur

Salim: Yes, he is from Bijapur, but has a home here, Opposite to SM Krishna’s house.

Ugrappa: But this is there…

Salim: This is a big Scandal. If we dig, even his will come out.

Ugrappa: I am telling you. Just close your eyes to it.

Salim: You don’t know Sir. Our Mulugund has made 50-100 Crores. If he has so much, Imagine how much DK should have. He is a collection master.

Ugrappa: You all may not know. We were firm and got him Presidentship. And he uprooted us

Salim: And haven’t you observed? He keeps stammering while speaking. Who knows, Low BP? Or maybe a Drunkard

Ugrappa: That is exactly what  I said now.

Salim: He has not understood. Tell that. He has not got it. Media people asked if he was drunk. He has not drunk. He speaks that way. Low BP and he attempts to speak emotionally. Another thing, look at his body language. Siddaramaiah is too blunt.

A Dark Background

Shivkumar has often made national headlines on alleged corruption charges. In 2017, the Income Tax department, aided by 300 officials, raided 67 locations for a span of 80 hours in a bid to unearth his illegal gotten wealth. Some Rs 8 crores were seized from Shivkumar’s Delhi residence. 

In 2015, the High Court of Karnataka issued a notice to Shivakumar, some of his family members, and a few granite mining companies on a PIL alleging their role in illegal mining activities in Kanakapura and Ramanagara sub-districts.

In 2019, the Enforcement Directorate summoned DK Shivkumar in a money laundering case and he was arrested and shifted to Tihar jail. He was subsequently released on a bond. 

In 2020, there was another Income Tax raid on Shivkumar’s residence. A case was registered against him alleging Rs 75 crores as disproportionate assets. Several number of cases were lodged against him in the Court. 

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