Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sisodia would be arrested in 2-3 days: Kejriwal 

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party has claimed massive support for it in Gujarat, and declared that it will be why Manish Sisodia, accused in a corruption case by the Central Bureau of Investigation, will come under increasing pressure. 

“We heard that Sisodia-ji will be arrested in 10 days. Seeing your enthusiasm, it appears that he might be arrested in two or three days,” said Arvind Kejriwal at a massive public meeting at Gujarat’s Bhavnagar today.

Manish Sisodia said the growing people’s support has made him the BJP’s target. As the crowd roared its approval, he added, “Your anger and enthusiasm will be the reason why the central government will tighten its grip on my neck. But don’t worry about me, I have a neck made of honesty”. When it was his turn to speak, Kejriwal took it up a notch, predicting a speedy arrest of his Deputy.

Sisodia has been named in a case filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation over the Delhi government’s liquor policy. Last week, raids were held at his Delhi home among other 31 other places lying across seven states.  

With a massive mandate in Delhi and Punjab under its belt, AAP has claimed that the CBI action is a pushback from the BJP over the international recognition it is receiving on its work in the education and healthcare sectors.

This has also become the spearhead of its campaign in Gujarat, where the BJP has been ruling for more than 20 years. AAP has been pointing out the shortcomings in governance — lack of jobs, good education and healthcare — and claiming that the people have been shortchanged for decades.

“For the fist time, they will learn a lesson because of AAP,” Kejriwal said today.

His party has promised to prove jobs to 10 lakh people within five years if voted to power. Till the jobs creation is complete, the party said it would provide an allowance of ₹ 3,000 to the unemployed.

“Unemployment is the biggest issue in India. People with degrees are unemployed. The biggest need of Gujarat’s youth is employment. There are jobs, but people are running rackets and not filling government vacancies,” Mr Sisodia said today.

In contrast, “the biggest task Arvind Kejriwal has done for the youth is giving employment,” he added. “We have given two lakh government jobs in Delhi, and 10 lakh private jobs via government schemes,” he said.

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