Friday, May 27, 2022

Social Media erupts against judiciary on oxygen audit report which slurs Kejri govt in Delhi

In the wake of Supreme Court appointed Oxygen Audit Panel’s interim report, which claimed that the Arvind Kejriwal government got four times more oxygen than required in the critical spell of April 25-May 4, and that it hit the supply of 12 other States reeling under the Covid-19 Second Wave onslaught, the social media is targeting Indian judiciary for its diktats to Centre and wondering if they be called “oxygen thief” or worse indicted for  “blood on their hands.”

OpIndia has strung together a few reactions from netizens on Indian judiciary, and it seems Justice DY Chandrachud in particular is the target of their ire or anger. 

On May 7, Justice Chandrachud had directed the Centre thus: “We want 700 (MT of oxygen) to be supplied to Delhi and we mean business. It has to be supplied and we don’t want to be coercive.”

One netizen has tweeted: “True, Chandrachud is as much a murderer as Kejriwal is.”

One twitterati commented that it’s “hard to figure who is a bigger danger to the society: Kejriwal or our Lords. At least Kejriwal was elected by people…what of these unaccountable and supremely arrogant tyrants?”.

The language used by netizens bordered on foul on Indian judiciary. One comment read: 

“Judiciary also has blood on their hands. Who will grab this person’s caller and ask him on what basis he demanded 700 MT of oxygen.”

One comment read: “In any sovereign country this man would be punished for risking lives of millions…”

Some were extremely upset by what they termed as judicial over-reach. “We need to take the menace of judicial over-reach seriously. This is good example of how judiciary poking their nose in others business results into. They should be made accountable. They should be made responsible for the deaths due to lack of oxygen in other States.”

Some simply stated: “Impeach this Oxygen Thief.”

One twitterati, wondered how would “milords” judge themselves in this “heinous mismanagement.” 

Some quoted newspaper reports and asked: “If there is even one bit of democracy and sense of responsibility left…this co-conspirator, Cosmic Chanda, should be impeached and prosecuted for mass-murder of 1000s of people during Corona 2nd Wave.”

One netizens said this entire episode underlines the fact that “Courts should not make executive decisions.”

All this lowers the image and prestige of India’s judiciary and serves a warning, given the sensitivity of the situation when thousands of citizens have lost lives. It’s a moment to ponder for India’s judiciary too that in their eagerness to help the citizenry, they ought to appear working shoulder-to-shoulder with governments in alleviating the situation rather than appear to be making grandstands which, even though well-intentioned, appears a blame-game to a casual observer which could hamper, and not help, the executive on the task at hand. 

Meanwhile there were brickbats for Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia too who was outlandish in questioning the authenticity of the interim report of oxygen audit panel. It was even asserted that the intermit oxygen audit report even didn’t exist when it was already in public domain that the Delhi government had received the report more than a fortnight ago. 

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