Saturday, December 9, 2023

Stronger earthquake than Turkey in Uttarakhand likely: NGRI chief

NGRI chief Scientist Dr. N. Purnachandra Rao

Earthquakes stronger than Turkey, of magnitude as strong as 8 on the Richter Scale can tremble Uttarakhand and other Himalayan regions, speculated the NGRI chief on Tuesday.

Dr. N. Purnachandra Rao, Chief Scientist of the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), predicted massive earthquakes with the potential to cause significant damage in Nepal and Uttarakhand in the Himalayan area.

The chief scientist stated that the Indian plate is shifting roughly 5 cm per year, which causes tension to build up along the Himalayas. The accumulated stress increases the possibility of a greater earthquake. The Indian Plate is one of many plates that make up the surface of the Earth and are continually in motion.

Speaking of the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey, he claimed that the country suffered greater damage as a result of the subpar construction.

He underlined the need to abide by the governmental standards for constructing houses and buildings in order to minimise damages.

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