Thursday, June 13, 2024

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If you feel India has internal enemies.

And that these enemies are career-politicians, media and academicians, you could do nothing about.

Nobody expects you to be a politician, journalist or scholar.

But you could beef up those who are wiping the floor clean of them.

NewsBred has been taking on media on its own steam for last five years. It now badly needs to expand and connect with those who are doing likewise in politics and academics.

We dream of a day when India finally would be cleared of the toxic. Not to break up in pieces. Where our children would not become refugees in own homeland.

So read, advice and donate. Any amount which you think you could spare.

Make a habit of it—every month, six months, annually.

NewsBred could be a vehicle for the India of your dreams.

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We hope you help and see NewsBred grow. And rejoice that your contribution has made it possible.

Thanking you,
Ashish Shukla
Managing Editor