If India Burns (Part II): No longer a question now that Nadda has thrown down the gauntlet

Ashish Shukla

21th October 2020
This glimmer of hope which I mentioned in the first piece has been offered by JP Nadda, Bharatiya Janata Party president, who has announced in Bengal that...

From Amarinder to Badal to Bhajji: “This just isn’t done” to West Bengal

Bhumika Arora

11th October 2020
The protest in West Bengal against the current Mamata Banerjee’s government by Bhartiya Janata Party took a whole new turn when a video of a cop pulling a...

Sharif senses his moment against Imran Khan; Saudis only too keen to help

Sanjay K. Sharma

6th October 2020
As the wheel of political events in Pakistan turn at a stupendous velocity, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had been charged with sedition charges.  Sharif, who...

Smriti Irani lashes out at Rahul Gandhi over politics on Hathras

Deepika Anjna

3rd October 2020
Union minister Smriti Irani lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for his second attempt to visit Hathras in Uttar Pradesh within three days amid the protest over the alleged murder...

Look beyond morons waving bra straps; Kangana’s message is deeper

Veeresh Malik

18th September 2020
Let's start by stating a simple fact - probably 90% of the influence peddlers in Bollywood would not know the proper expansion and spelling of AI, leave alone understand...

One state where Britishers created colonial clubs but could never own them up

Veeresh Malik

15th September 2020
To start with, they are extremely wealthy, and try hard not to show it. Next, of all the Clubs in India, members are the proudest about their heritage as Colonial...

Corona and all, Modi still remains nation’s hearthrob

Bhumika Arora

14th September 2020
The Covid-19 has hit the entire world and despite almost six months of a health emergency, the virus still remains unpredictable with no clarity on how long it will...

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