Thursday, May 23, 2024

The best ‘save’ I have ever seen on a cricket field, gushes Tendulkar on a rare moment

Legendary Sachin Tendukar has seen and played more cricket than you, me or anyone else on this planet. And when he says he has never seen a “better save” than what was witnessed in the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday, we all ought to sit up and take notice.

It was a match-up between Kings Eleven Punjab and Rajasthan Royals. Royals were in the middle of the biggest chase in the IPL history when Sanju Samson, in the seventh over, lofted the leg-spinner M. Ashwin to long on. Fielder Nicholas Pooran was at the edge of the ropes, his body almost turned parallel to his left. He was full stretched, the ball was already behind him and a certain six, he himself was fully outside the ropes when before hitting the ground, he caught the ball and threw it back on the field of play. It was a gravity-defying moment and Tendulkar couldn’t help himself gushing on twitter:

Tendulkar has been pretty active with his comments on IPL. Earlier he had praised KL Rahul for his century last week which had the Kings Eleven Punjab skipper expressing himself in gratitude.

Similarly, Tendulkar had all the praise in the world for Sanju Samson’s first innings of the tournament that had the Rajasthan Royals batsman ecstatic.

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