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The so-called Gurugram Gurdwara offer to namaz turns out to be a hoax

Photo: Ravi Ranjan Singh, chairman of Jhatka authority (with mike in his hand). Image courtesy: Swarajyamag

After making splash in all Lutyens Media, that the Gurdwaras of Gurugram would let Muslims offer namaz inside the premises, the so-called offer it’s now known is a non-starter, was almost a hoax. 

Sherdil Singh Sandhu, president of Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, was quoted by ANI, saying: “It’s Guru Ghar, open for all communities with no discrimination. There shouldn’t be any politics here. Basement is now open for Muslim brothers who want to offer `Jumme ki namaz’.”

Two days after beaming so in front of the media, Sandhu told the media persons that “his intention was not to offer space in Gurdwaras to Muslims,” as quoted by Swarajyamag. 

Sandhu was also questioned if the Gurdwara committee was willing to make such an offer, he responded that the committee was not ready. 

“This is not possible in any way,” Hindustan Times quoted him as saying. In Times of India, he was quoted: “We have clarified to Muslims that we cannot give them space.”

Now Sandhu said he was misquoted by the media and had no plans as of now to allow namaz inside the gurdwara. 

Sandhu claimed that a few Muslims had come to him asking if they could read namaz inside the premises in case they had problems offering it an open area, he admitted he had agreed to them and said, “if that happened, they may read it here.”

Swarajymag has filed an investigative report on the matter which noted that members of different Sikh Sangats and devotees wee adamant that except “Gurbani”, no other ritual would be allowed in the Gurdwara. 

Ravi Ranjan, chairman of the Jhatka authority said that the Sangat will not allow anyone to perform anything except Gurbani.

“Gurdwara is meant only for Gurbani and nobody will be allowed to use its premises for any other purpose. If Muslims have any problem with open prayers, they must take help from the district administration,” he added.

Members of a Sikh organisation called Jhatka Certification Authority had come from New Delhi to talk to the management.

The Sadar Bazar Jama Masjid, as it is called, is walking distance from the gurudwara.

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