Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tik-tok star killed by brother for wearing clothes showing midriff

Popular Iraqi content creator and TikTok star Eman Sami Maghdid was allegedly shot dead in a case of supposed honour killing, recent reports suggest. Known to her online fans simply as Maria, the 20-year-old was known for challenging conventional norms, for instance by posing in clothes that showed her midriff or smoking.

Maghdid’s brother, who is 17 years old, is named as the accused in the case, as per certain reports. Initially, the accused in Maghdid’s death were not identified, described only as unnamed assailants. However, it was later claim that her brother shot her dead. 

The accused reportedly fired multiple bullets into Maghdid over the past weekend, on a road near the Erbil International Airport, in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan.

Eman posted on Facebook in August last year: ‘I believe that humans will always suffer at the hands of other humans. Eman’s death occurred on International Women’s Day.

Eman Sami Maghdid was avaiable on TikTok with a whopping 47,000 followers. She operated under her pseudo names Mari or Maria and inspired her fellow women.

She was married off when she was 12. Her father is an Imam. 

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