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“Divide and Rule”: Media follows British Raj

Rajah-Moonje Pact: Minorities part of Hindus

Now the pseudo-secular forces in India have taken the place of the British, who want the perpetuation of minorities for the ‘politically very considerable advantages’.

Google search to fix “Holy Cows” of Media

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Partisan Media can't see Modi's bleeding heart

A google search on “Dalit and cow vigilantes” will show you the media who are working overtime to bring down Modi. It’s time we expose their agenda to polarize India. 

Angoorlata and her oath in Sanskrit

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Angoorlata: sniping with Sanskrit

Angoorlata Deka, the newly elected BJP MLA from Batadroba constituency in Assam, has made front-page headlines with her oath in Sanskrit language.

Indus Era: The Aryan theory propaganda

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Indus Era: Victim of Western propaganda

“Decolonisation of our minds could only begin when we start to consider that our history might be what the others did not write. “ --  R. C. Majumdar

Indian media on Isa’s visa from now on

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Who’s doing the PR for Dolkun Isa?

Be ready to see from tomorrow our newspapers painted red with India’s “freedom” brigade outraged at the denial of visa to Dolkun Isa.

Next: Kanhaiya of homosexuals

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Who's the Kanhaiya of homosexuals?

Let’s second guess the agenda of our English mainstream newspapers in next few weeks/months.

You must doff your hat to Times of India

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Three stories which deserve praise for TOI

Times of India puts searchlight on a newspaper which won't publish anything that goes against the United States. There's a pattern for all to see. 

Indian media is sick and hurting

India International Centre, Dr Karan Singh, U R Ananthamurthy, Kannur’s Sujith, JNU incident, Dadri killing, Malda, Girish Karnad, Pritish Nandi, Makarand Paranjpe, Rajdeep Sardesai, Nayantara Sehgal, jargons, casteist agenda, divisive journalism, leeches, award wapasi, jargon, trolls, Barkha Dutt, Radia tapes, Jatin Das, Nandita Das

Mainstream English media is a troll sitting on top of India and nobody can do a thing about it

The JNU incident has made many believe that Indian mainstream English media is sick, very very sick. They would pick on a Dadri and a JNU but would ignore Kannur's Sujith or Malda. Their agenda is casteist and divisive. A fine piece on Indian media by R. Jeyamohan is worth our time. 

Modi pulls plug on US agenda

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“I can read between the lines, Barack”

No words of praise could be enough for the Modi government to refuse visas—SO FAR!—to two US officials, Susan Coppedge, anti-trafficking ambassador and Randy

How Melinda Gates stepped out of line

Melinda Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, GAVI, WHO, Polio in India, HPV vaccine, Pentavalent, Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis,

Gates Foundation and their lethal “charity”

NewsBred decided to do what Indian media has been scrupulously avoiding in questioning  “Melinda Gates,” “Moody’s” and “Obama” for their comments on “horrific/growing intolerance” in India. In doing so, NewsBred caught Indian media with its pants down. Below is first of a series on such exposes which could make you give up on this “gutter” journalism.