Rahul Gandhi now leaves Indian Muslims in lurch

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Would real Rahul Gandhi please stand up?

If I was an Indian Muslim, I would have a whole lot of questions today and certainly no answers.

Mr Sibal, you ain't fooling anyone!

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Kapil Sibal: a classic case of pot calling the kettle black

Kapil Sibal, former telecom minister in the UPA government, in an

Why Modi is an unstoppable force

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Young India has begun to come behind Modi

Three separate strains would polarize India in coming months but it would only good for the country in the long run.

BJP asks Express to apologize—here’s why

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

They offer "regret" to Arun Jaitley. BJP asks them to "apologize." Law Commission pulls them up. But why Indian Express won't mend its ways.