Tuesday, April 23, 2024

US is “holding-hands” of Ukraine in talks, alleges Lavrov

If Ukraine and Russia are not able to strike a deal to end the current impasse, it’s the United States which is “holding hands” alleged Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, on Wednesday. 

As per Lavrov, Ukraine is constantly reversing its position on the negotiating table. 

“When the Ukrainian leaders suggested talks during the military operations and the President issued instructions to launch these talks, these are quite challenging negotiations. The Ukrainian side expressed some understanding and that they understand the need to acquire something but they constantly reverse their positions as the US colleagues are holding them by their hands. “

“If you read [the works of] political scientists, both ours and Western ones, the Americans simply proceed from the fact that it is unprofitable for them that this process is completed quickly. They expect to continue pumping weapons into Ukraine. There provocative statements launched is a major threat because afterwards these weapons will be across Europe, so they want the military actions to continue. But we have the will to protect what we are protecting,” he added.

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