Sunday, May 19, 2024

Used Condoms being recycled in tens of thousands in Vietnam unearthed

Condoms used. Recycled by boiling, drying and putting them up for sale. No less than 300,000 of them. A business of a new kind has been unearthed in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Police raided a warehouse in Binh Duong province on Saturday and found the recycled condoms in bags, weighing almost 800 pounds.

Footage broadcast by Vietnam television showed thousands of prophylactics spilling out of bags on the floor. Apparently, police had received a tip from a local resident.

A woman has been arrested in connection. She used to receive a monthly delivery from an unknown person and had been paid 17 cents for about every two pounds she recycled.

She confessed to police that condoms were recycled through a process of boiling, drying and reshaping them using a wooden prosthesis.

Recycled condoms, needless to say, are extremely dangerous to the safety of people who use it. Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV could spread.

Apparently, recycled condoms in not unheard of among sex workers, especially in poor countries.

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