Ashish Shukla

Thank you Sunil Gavaskar: And please spot the millions in chorus behind me

7th March 2021
t’s so absurd to write on Sunil Gavaskar. You know about him as much as everyone else does. That he played on uncovered pitches, against a pack of hounds, without a...

Poor Jasprit Bumrah! Who are we to judge if he has chosen IPL over India?

3rd March 2021
I don’t like when people say Jasprit Bumrah has chosen his moment to marry in the middle of England series so he could have no interruption during the following...

Kejriwal lies from both sides of mouth—In a “mysterious” Kisan Mahapanchayat

28th February 2021
Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal today took to Meerut in support of the protesting farmers and lied from both sides of his mouth. 

Folks, Go to YouTube. It’s a class you’ve missed: You could blame the pitch later

26th February 2021
Are you happy or sad? Happy that India won. Sad that it ended in fewer deliveries than any Test has done since 1935. An end which has brought that wry comment from...

Soaring petrol prices: Why Indians need to stand with Modi at this hour

19th February 2021
Nobody likes rising petrol prices. Me or you, nobody. You could go to town about how it could reduce consumption, increase use of solar panels and electric vehicles, more...

The Independent: A piece on farmers’ protest which is gutter journalism at its worst

17th February 2021
If I was the Tax authority in the United Kingdom, I would seek out this chartered accountant from Berkshire and demand the list of his clients. I mean if a man could be...

In Greta Thunberg or Disha Ravi, "they" hope to politicize masses

15th February 2021
India has woken up to a 22-year-old climate activist in Bengaluru being picked from her home—passionate environmentalist, vegan, breadwinner, a bright student. Our...

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