Ashish Shukla

The so-called "ganga-jamuni tehzeb" and its’ terrible reality

13th April 2019

(I read an absolutely horrendous editorial in Times of India on April 13, 2019. It’s an apologist questioning why...

How Google, Twitter is biased against right-wingers in India

12th April 2019

It was busy last two days. Google search showed up my facts but a different face.  On its landing home page, my name...

Supreme Court comes down hard on Mamata Banerjee

12th April 2019

First the Election Commission directive against four top cops from doing poll duties in West Bengal. Now a rap on the knuckles...

Keep these questions in your quiver against suspect media in Modi 2.0

10th April 2019

As 2019 Lok Sabha polls unroll, I want you to look at the faces in the image above. Ask them a few simple questions on social...

Just one word for 2019 BJP Manifesto: Respect

9th April 2019

There is one word for BJP Manifesto 2019 polls. Respect. Even though abrogation of Article 370 has been a part of BJP...

Abdullah, Mufti and their fake J & K Highway outrage

8th April 2019

Mehbooba Mufti (People’s Democratic Party), the father and son Abdullah duo(National Conference) and Sajid Lone...

Modiji, why Indian Muslims are not able to trust BJP

7th April 2019

Yes, that’s what ABP News’ Rubika Liyaquat asked the Prime Minister in an interview(54:00):  “Modiji,...



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