Ashish Shukla

Why Rahul Gandhi isn’t pulling up Pakistan on plight of 2 Hindu girls?

25th March 2019

Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi are being censored for their lack of concern on the abduction, conversion and...

Gadkari at the receiving end: Is there a pattern?

23th March 2019

Indian Express has a massive interview of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in its edition today (March 23, 2019). For those...

Bhim Army pours scorn on Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra

18th March 2019

Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra has just suffered the humiliation of her life with Bhim Army, a pro-Dalit party, declaring that it would...

BJP strikes gold with #MainBhiChowkidar social media campaign

18th March 2019

I predict that once the dust on 2019 General Elections is settled in May, the BJP’s tagline of #MainBhiChowkidar” would be a text book study on how to run a...

Indian Muslims: Look at Congress manifesto to know if they stand by you

17th March 2019

Election Commission has now mandated that the manifestos of political parties must be declared 48 hours before voting. (The 2019 General Elections kick off in seven phases on...

Christchurch attack: Past is casting a long shadow on present and future

16th March 2019

Basic facts about the horrific Christchurch attack are thus in order: On Friday, a gunman strolled into a mosque on Deans Ave, and live streamed his attack with a semi-automatic...

Welcome SC on RTI in Rafale; How about “contempt of court” now?

15th March 2019

The reaction of the Supreme Court, rather of one Justice K.M. Joseph, that Right to Information Act (RTI) cannot be held back because of Official Secrets Act, if it pertains to...



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