Ashish Shukla

Why Modi is an unstoppable force

14th March 2019

Three separate strains would polarize India in coming months but it would only good for the country in the long run.

ALERT: now brace for riots or bomb hits

14th March 2019

The way it works, look after yourself and your dear ones in public places over the next few days. It is unlikely Pakistan’s sleeper cells won’t be activated to cause...

Why Indian voters must pay heed to Modi’s plea

14th March 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a fervent appeal—each one in new words and phraseology-- to most celebrities, media houses and politicians (friends and foes alike)...

Rahul Gandhi must confront Hegde on “Muslim” remarks

14th March 2019

I am amazed that neither Congress party nor Rahul Gandhi; nor for that matter a shrill Lutyens Media has taken up Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde remarks, insinuating that...

Does Express has anti-Hindu agenda?

13th March 2019

Hindu American Foundation in California is in a spirited fight to protect identity of Indian sub-continent in California’s bid to revise history text books.

Rahul is a Muslim: Hegde wants himself to be put on “record”

13th March 2019

Anant Kumar Hegde, Union Minister of State for Skill Development, has dropped a bombshell, by suggesting that Rahul Gandhi is a Muslim. Hegde wanted to be put on “

Congress is imploding by the hour

13th March 2019

Congress is coming apart from seams as its MLAs and allies alike are deserting it by the hour. Congress MLA from Mumbai (Wadala-Naigaon constituency), Kalidas Kombalkar was in...



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