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Al-Qaeda to ISIS: Let’s be brothers

3rd November 2015
Al-Qaeda’s boss Ayman al-Zawahri has urged ISIS and all of his “brothers” to band together. Funnily, he himself is running for his life in the mountains of...

"Yugoslavia break-up was planned in advance"

21th October 2015
t was very kind of celebrated investigative journalist Christof Lehmann to drop a link in my email box of a videotape by a French general where the latter claimed that...

Why India will never drift away from Russia

21th September 2015
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov’s recent statement has caused alarm in India, forcing the Russian Embassy in New Delhi to issue a clear-cut statement...

Russia’s endgame in Syria

1st September 2015
Syria is going from bad to worse. ISIL has strengthened; US-Turkey alliance proclaim a comprehensive battle against them but actually target the Syrian Arab Army; and...

Does Russia have a future?

12th August 2015
By James W. Carden



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