Deepika Anjna

Bangalore riots pre-planned by Islamic radicals, says Karnataka home minister

13th August 2020
Basavaraj Bommai, home minister, Karnataka said that the riots in Bangalore were started by Islamic radicals. And investigations will be done to know how big this...

Indian subcontinent and that sinking feeling: A quarter of Bangladesh under water

12th August 2020
It’s a grim monsoon in Indian subcontinent. A quarter of Bangladesh is under water. India is reeling to the extent that prime minister Narendra Modi had to seek out...

Iran’s supreme leader is now tweeting in Hindi; does it signal a thaw on India?

10th August 2020
Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, current Supreme Leader & Former President of Iran has opened a new official Twitter account in Hindi.

Europe’s “last dictator” isn’t quitting anytime soon

8th August 2020
If you thought Europe remains the torchbearer of “people’s liberty and freedom of expression,” think again. You haven’t accounted for...

Ghar Vapsi: 50 Muslims convert as Hindus on occasion of Bhoomi Pujan

7th August 2020
History was created in Ayodhya on August 5, 2020, by laying the foundation stone of Ram Mandir. And on the very same day, 50 Muslim families changed their history by...

A superstar, multimillionaire, who is cleaning toilets and don’t seem to mind it

7th August 2020
She is a teenager. A national rage. A multimillionaire. But these days she is cleaning toilets. And she doesn’t mind. Noa Kirel is all of 19, an Israeli pop...

Twitter censors Ram Mandir video; leads to howls of protest

6th August 2020
A video displaying Bhagwan Ram and the Ram Mandir has been censored by Twitter as “potentially sensitive content” which has taken the twitteratis by storm. ...

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