Does India have 80 crores below poverty line? Smell a coffee, Tavleen

9th June 2021
It’s now pretty obvious to everyone that despite being professional journalists, most of the pen-hackers know little about the subject they write. 

The fine on Juhi Chawla: Did it fall within jurisdiction of Delhi High Court?

8th June 2021
The Juhi Chawla case reminds us of the adage: "Hard cases make bad law". Black's Law Dictionary defines a 'hard case' as a law suit involving equities that tempt a judge...

"Dr Fauci was aware of Corona Virus—but didn’t inform the public of the same"

7th June 2021
Amidst the ongoing controversy over the ‘Coronavirus lab leak’ hypothesis and the possible coverup, US immunologist Kristian G. Andersen has been forced to...

Pentagon had funded $39 million for research at Wuhan Institute: Covid-19 origins

7th June 2021
The news on Covid-19 origins is getting dirtier. Readers would recall that NewsBred had published a piece stating that the lab-leak theory is gaining ground and...

Now it’s this “Seeker” fraud being hoisted on us on Covid-19 origins. Know why!

6th June 2021
Your newspapers are full of one “Seeker” on Covid-19 origin theory, an Indian-this-Indian-that entity. It’s such a fraud, such a big fraud. They are...

Yogi govt is transforming lives of transgenders: But you won’t read it in Lutyens Media

4th June 2021
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are two leaders who enjoy massive public support with a landslide mandate, but they also...

Kejri had promised free ration in May: It’s June now and nothing has happened!

2nd June 2021
It was in early May that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal  announced free ration for all cardholders in the capital for that month and June. Two weeks...

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