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Aleppo’s poster child and media

Omran Daqneesh, Syria, Aleppo, Kate Bolduan, Iraq, United Nations, Madeleine Albright, Obama, Assad, Washington,  Russia

Aleppo poster child and propaganda

Washington's media presstitutes are using the image of the child to bring pressure on Russia to stop the Syrian army from retaking Aleppo.

The death of western democracy

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The common cry is in wilderness

Martin Schultz, President of the EU Parliament, puts it clearly: "It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate."

Nice Attack: Is it Operation Gladio?

Peter Koenig, Stephen Lendman, Nice Attack, Bastille Day, Martial Law, Hollande, Operation Gladio, NATO operation, WWII, Red Army, Communist Party in France, Bologna train station bombings, Vincenzo Vinciquerra, Russian Army, Giulio Andreotti, Gerardo Serravalie, Red Brigade, Baader-Meinhof, Felice Casson, Peteano, Servizio Informazioni Difesa (SID), Ordine Nuovo, Milano Piazza Fontane,

Nice attack deserves questions. Pic: Courtesy QZ

Commentators who have learned to distrust official explanations, such as Peter Koenig

Why Tony Blair will go scot-free

Tony Blair, George Bush, Saddam Hussein, John Chilcot, Iraq invasion, Butler inquiry, David Cameron, Craig Murray, Alistair Campbell, Obama, Hillary Clinton

Blair and Bush: war-criminals

Sir John Chilcot, a member of the British establishment and also a member of the Butler Inquiry, the responsibility of which was to determine if the so-calle

Orlando Shooting: Where are the dead bodies?

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Can one person shoot 100 people?

Some readers have asked for my take on the Orlando Shooting.  I don't have one. Let's see if together we can form a reasonable view.

Capitalism is now in looting stage

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Greece will never be able to repay its debt

Having successfully used the EU to conquer the Greek people by turning the Greek "leftwing" government into a pawn of Germany's banks, Germany now finds the