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BRICS and the devious Indian media

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BRICS and Indian media's attempt to run it down

By M.K. Bhadrakumar

G20 Summit: See image and spot the snub

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Japan and England are far back in rows

(Take a look at the G20 official picture and see where Japan and England are standing—nowhere near front row. Typically, China drove its message to the last detail)

Europe and its mass murders

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Racist Churchill alone responsible for 6 million Indian deaths

Racist Winston Churchill, who had a pathological hatred for Indians, alone was responsible for six million Indian deaths during WW II.

New Middle East: Exit US, Enter Russia

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Turkey out in open against US

Both Turkey and Israel have made overtures to Russia in recent weeks. It seems even allies can no longer trust US on Middle East. All the aces are in Russia’s hands. 

Hague has no legal standing; China never took part

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South China Sea dispute: Pic courtesy The Telegraph

Media must point out Ia) Hague has no legal standing on the matter; (b) China never took part in its proceedings on South China Sea, claiming it to be illegal. 


Human Rights: Russia vs. United States

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US human rights ain't good

Russia has better human rights than US. And its friends are no worse than Saudi Arabia. Then why Russophobia?