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Syria saved; it’s Libya now

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Putin: Foiling West's designs in Middle East

After imposing Moscow’s will on the situation in Syria, Putin is moving on to Libya.

Iran and Russia: More wary than friends

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Russia and Iran don't see eye-to-eye on oil matters

Iran and Russia, despite cooperation in Syria, have knotty issues on oil production and their stands on Sunni regimes in the Middle East. 

US storing oil as it targets BRICS

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US is running out of room to store oil

US is storing oil in big numbers. Plummeting prices and sanctions, together, are meant to get Russia, after Brazil and South Africa. 

Iranian sanctions: It’s off only on paper

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European banks have been told to keep off Iran

Though officially United States has lifted sanctions against Iran, in practice most of its restrictions remain in place. For the moment, it exists only on paper. 

After IS, Tehran would hold sway

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Iran could control Iraq and Syria

Once the Islamic State is blown away, Iran could hold sway over Iraq and Syria and become dominant in the region

FBI papers: Churchill had planned to wipe out Russia

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Churchill: War hero or war monster?

Declassified FBI papers clearly reveal that in the aftermath of World War II, US and UK had planned to completely wipe out Russia.