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India look for Russian help on terrorism

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India faces a grave threat from Islamic State

With ISIS and Al Nusra on the run thanks to the combined capabilities of the Russian air force and Syrian Arab Army, terrorist organizations are moving to re

Why are Russia, China buying tons of gold?

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China and Russia hold the gold ace up their sleeves

China has abandoned its peg to US dollar; Russian central bank has been selling its holdings of US treasury debt-all to buy tons of dollars. 

Palmyra: So Mr Obama, who was helping ISIS?

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Palymra: And they said Russia helped ISIS

The Palmyra victory was the biggest defeat yet of the Islamic State. It poses a problem for the Obama administration

Brussels attack: Who will expose West’s role?

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A Brussels victim being helped: Pic courtesy New Statesman

The Brussels attack, horrific that it is, still sweeps under the carpet the role West has played in bringing terror on its door. Media, as ever, would like to keep the people dumb. 

How can US abandon Kurds to Turkey?

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Women soldiers are essential to Kurds offensive who are gaining ground at Turkey’s expense in Syria

This is second and final part of our series on Syrian War, rapidly drawing to a climax. If Turkey commits boots to the ground, Iran and Russia would surely do likewise and apocalypse would be upon us.

Iran could be the new China

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Iran being in play is a seismic event

It’s currently quite a toss-up when it comes to naming the hardest working man in geopolitical business: Chinese President Xi Jinping or Iranian President Ha