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Rumble in the Ruble; but not in Yuan

Ruble, Moscow, Russia’s Central bank, monetary gold, 1997 Asian financial crisis, China, Wall Street, Riyadh

Low interest credit is way out for Ruble

A case can be made that for Moscow it would be a tremendous waste of hard-earned foreign exchange – to try to counter a rig against their currency they simpl

How US hands were forced on Iran sanctions

Iran sanctions, nuclear weapons programme, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, 1991 Gulf War, Secretary of State John Kerry, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Israel’s defeat by Hezbollah in 2006, Russia, China, Paul Krugman, dollar

Kerry's interview is a give-away on Iran

Confirmation that international sanctions on Iran have at last been lifted is unequivocally a victory for Iran.

Russia won’t finish off IS in Syria

Vladimir Soloviev, The Saker, Russia 1, Daesh, Latakia, RASF, Russian AirSpace Force in Syria, Aleppo, Takfiri

Russia will not stay in Syria for long

Russia has no intention to stay put in Syria even if Islamic State (IS) isn’t wiped out. This was Putin’s goal anyway, comments The Saker.

Saudi monarchy is collapsing

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The House of Saud is coming apart at the seams

Is the Saudi monarchy coming apart at the seams? Scholars and journalists have long predicted the kingdom’s demise, but this time the forecasts may finally p

Modi-Putin warmth sends chill in West

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Putin-Modi broad smiles could make West sulk

Modi's visit to Russia looks to deepen ties between the two countries beyond the strategic framework. It surely would discomfit the West. 

IS-Turkish military friendly chat on video

Islamic State, IS, ISIS, Turkish border guards, Turkish military, Kurdish, Kobane

IS terrorists-Turkish border guards in friendly chat on video

A video has emerged of ISIS jihadists having a lovely chit-chat with Turkish border guards.