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Russia ups the ante against Turkey

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NATO-Russia battle lines are clearly drawn now

NewsBred brings you the latest from the war theatre in Middle East as well as analyse why Turkey shot down the Russian fighter jet plane on Tuesday.

Turkey downs Russia's fighter jet

Rusisian SU-24,  AIM-9 Sidewinder, Turkish f-16, Turkish airspace, Syrian airspace

Russia's premier SU-24 jet fighter was downed by Turkey

The downing of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey is going to further increase an already tense situation in the region.  (view the plane in flames in our

Why US has lost the Syrian War

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Putin offers his helping hand to humanity

Kuweires was a key node in Washington’s plan to topple Assad. Now it has been freed from the ISIS. It is Syria’s Stalingrad moment. US would now scramble to share the credit with Russia in Syria. Paris attacks are the means.

Was it Russian winter that got Napoleon?

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Some pictures are worth a thousand lies

The most accepted notion in narratives is that Napoleon was laid low by Russia's extreme winter. Two centuries down, Dominic Lieven's masterpiece of a book, "Russia against Napoleon" bunks the theory. 

Al-Qaeda to ISIS: Let’s be brothers

Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, ISIS, ISIL, Al Nusra, Jabhat an-Nusrah, Crusade

Ayman al-Zawahri's call to ISIS has come too late in the day

Al-Qaeda’s boss Ayman al-Zawahri has urged ISIS and all of his “brothers” to band together. Funnily, he himself is running for his life in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

British media has lost its marbles

Ukrainian Crisis, Putin, Syria bombings, Bashar Al-Assad, Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front,  Free Syrian Army

One of the most profoundly depressing things about the British press today is how uncritically it parrots the official line when it comes to foreign policy.