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Russia on the cusp of being a world power

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Putin can usher Russia in as world power

Vladimir Putin has chosen the timing of his intervention in Syria very skillfully.

Why India will never drift away from Russia

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How Russia-Pakistan military deal was a fake news

Indian media cried hoarse over reports on Russia-Pakistan military tie-up. It has turned out to be manipulated. 

Russia’s endgame in Syria

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Russia’s diplomacy is bearing fruit on Syria at a critical moment of history

Even as US-Turkey have sounded the war bugle on Middle East, Russia has intensified its diplomatic efforts in the region which are beginning to bear fruit.

Does Russia have a future?

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Hello, Pot? This is Kettle (courtesy:

The unfolding Ukraine drama has brought West and Russia to a standoff which could make Europe go up in smoke. The facts are inconvenient for West. A new book lists them out to which West has no answer.