Sanjay K. Sharma

Votekar - PM Modi tags his appeal to celebrities

25th March 2019

PM Modi has upped the gears for 2019 elections and started a #VoteKar twitter campaign on Sunday in which he has reached out to...

Modi's blog on Lohia: Oppn. and media in damage-control mode

24th March 2019

We all know that Lutyens Media reluctantly covers Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “mann ki baat.” That most...

Asylum refused as "Christianity not a religion of peace"

24th March 2019

An Iranian, who had converted to Christianity from Islam, was refused asylum by the British immigration department which cited...

Blast from the past: "Congress projected Bhagat Singh as a terrorist"

23th March 2019

Congress seems to have an egg on its face on multiple counts as it made a shoddy attempt to commemorate the martyrdom of...

Congress gives Sanatan Samiti backer a ticket for polls

22th March 2019

Congress has caused itself a huge embarrassment in fielding Navinchandra Bandivadekar as its candidate from the...

Modi mounts a furious attack on Congress’ Pitroda

22th March 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and quite a few of his senior colleagues have taken exception to the almost dismissive comments of...

And here are these who won’t play Holi this year

20th March 2019

Holi unites India with colours but this year it’s true with even those who choose to forsake it in the solemn memory of...



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