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Who are the Masters of Mankind?

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Chomsky: Putting his mind to the matter

Adam Smith talked of “Masters of Mankind” in the 18th century. Do such tribes still rule the world or the power has shifted hands?

Desperate plight of petro-states

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All that glitters is not gold

Petro-States, hit by falling oil revenues, face civil strife. They are on the brink of collapse. 

Drone Wars: “Imagine if it was happening to us?”

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Drone deaths: These are not terrorists being mourned.

Drone Wars, much against the projection, is lethal for civilians as well as for those who operate it. Now whistleblowers are taking the lid off.

Pak place tactical nukes on Indian borders

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India-Pak nuclear holocaust more real than ever

Pakistan is moving tactical nuclear weapons on its long border with India. Worryingly, its control lies with the commander on the spot

IMMIGRATION: Trump and his racist agenda

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Such scenes could become common in US

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was never birthed; it was always birthered.

Oil overkill: The real story

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Glut has caused havoc for oil majors

The oil prices are hitting rock bottom but the oil-producing majors have no intention to cut down their productions as global economy takes nosedive.