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A new superpower we didn't know exist

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The new empire is ready to wreak devastation everywhere

For six centuries, history has been the story of great game of empires. There is a new kid on the block who is now ready to call the shots. 

2050: A look into our future

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The First Mourning and its climax in 2050

This is a slightly condensed version of the full piece which has appeared with our content partner, John Feffer has fast forwarded himself to 2050 and looked at the fate of empires, federation, trade pacts---and our ruined lives.

"US elite troops are in 147 of 195 countries"

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US elite forces: So much input and so little output

We read a review of the book “Tomorrow’s Battlefield,” by Nick Turse of TomDispatch and learn that Green Berets of United States have been deployed into 135 of the 195 recognized countries in the world. 

An Amazonian problem for humanity

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If Amazon was to go, thousands of indigenous people would have nowhere to go.

In this third and final part of our Climate Change series, courtesy TomDispatch, we carry forward the alarms of Part I and Part II and lay out the challenges which confront the Paris Climate Summit (November 30-December 11).

Melting Arctic could release double the carbon

Arctic, Coral Reefs, Tundra, Carbon, Greenhouse, IPCC, marine life, permafrost

Two-thirds of Polar bears could disappear by 2050

This is the second of the three-part series on Climate Change, courtesy TomDispatch. In the first piece, we learnt how north America and Europe could get colder while the rest of the world hots up. Now we measure the melting of ice sheets in Arctic which could release twice the carbon present in the atmosphere today.

Climate Change and fate of our earth

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The Day After Tomorrow, Gulf Stream, AMOC

Climate Change could be reaching a tipping point

In this three-part series, courtesy TomDispatch, we bring the issue of climate change and its “tipping point” as ra