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When even RBI supplied fake currency!!!

12th December 2016

All the chairpersons and MDs of India’s top banks were meeting at Reserve Bank of India’s headquarters on the 15th floor of the Mint Street office in a special...

“Spin Doctors” in media and Kashmir

25th September 2016

The “spin doctors” in media houses of Kashmir and New Delhi are shaping the perception of alienation of Kashmiri youth from India. It’s time such...

Why Mamata won’t pay respect to martyrs

21th September 2016

A piece in Swarajya magazine highlights the insensitive official reaction in Bengal  politicians when two of their martyred soldiers in Uri attack in Kashmir were brought...

Nehru and “Ashoka Not So Great”

19th September 2016

NewsBred publishes an extract from “The Ocean of Churn” by Sanjeev Sanyal, released last month, which turns upside down the legacy of “Ashoka the...

Why Vedas are critical for modern world

13th September 2016

Colonialist historians appropriated Indian past for their own purposes. What they left for us was a mutilated version of Indian past. 

“Quantum physics owes much to Vedic sciences”

8th September 2016

(Dr. Subhash Kak is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. He is also a renowned authority on ancient Indian science...

Hindustan Times is no better: Check out

30th August 2016

(Social media has been the biggest check-and-balance on mainstream media. Far too long mainstream media has set the agenda, sat in their ivory towers and rubbished anyone they...



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