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“Divide and Rule”: Media follows British Raj

16th August 2016

Now the pseudo-secular forces in India have taken the place of the British, who want the perpetuation of minorities for the ‘politically very considerable...

Russia’s ban in Rio: And you call it justice

4th August 2016

The targeting of Russia and indiscriminate punishment of their athletes is a betrayal of the Olympic spirit. Facts show it’s politically motivated. 

Why Munich’s is a shooter, not terrorist?

26th July 2016

If Muslims attack us, they are terrorists. If non-Muslims attack us, they are shooters. Why is there hypocrisy on terror in Western media? 

Being Hindu in an intolerant India

1st May 2016

Hindus don’t have a prophet or the concept of an infidel. Yet they are the victim of an increasingly intolerant India.

Why China wants railroads in Afghanistan?

24th April 2016

Illicit heroin trade from Afghanistan flourishes under US’ nose. China has its own strategy to stop the spillover effect.

You must doff your hat to Times of India

5th March 2016

Times of India puts searchlight on a newspaper which won't publish anything that goes against the United States. There's a pattern for all to see. 

Another nail in Dollar’s coffin: It’s India this time!

3rd March 2016

India and Russia are developing a road map for mutual settlements in national currencies which could open prospects for both countries, India’s Ambassador to Russia Pankaj...



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