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Indian media is sick and hurting

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Mainstream English media is a troll sitting on top of India and nobody can do a thing about it

The JNU incident has made many believe that Indian mainstream English media is sick, very very sick. They would pick on a Dadri and a JNU but would ignore Kannur's Sujith or Malda. Their agenda is casteist and divisive. A fine piece on Indian media by R. Jeyamohan is worth our time. 

Reuters and other lies on South China Sea

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(from left to right): Marine Traffic map and the Lombok Strait

Once you have read this piece by Peter Lee, an American, on South China Sea you would start hating your newspapers for the lies they serve up. Ignore it and remain a sucker all your life.

Russia presents its side of story

Sergey Lavrov, Steve Rosenberg, George Bush, Putin, Obama, Hillary Clinton, START Treaty, WTO, Ukraine, Minsk Accords, Victoria Nuland, Magnitsky Act, Policy of Containment, Obama cancels visit to Russia, Kosovo, Helsinki accord, TPP, TTIP, Donbass, Syria, Sanctions against Russia, Iranian nuclear program, North Korea problem, Japan, Bashar al-Assad, BRICS Bank, the Asia Infrastructure Development Bank, SWIFT

On Tuesday, 26 January Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held his annual press conference before an audience of about 150 journalists, including the BBC

Do we see the real Africa on Google Maps?

Maps of Africa, Jonathan Swift, On Poetry: A Rhapsody,  David Livingstone, Henry Morton Stanley, 1885 Berlin Conference, Gerardus Mercator, Gall-Peters, Jerry Brotton, Google Maps, Lennart Meri

The Africa, according to Google Maps

Do the Africa we see on Google Maps is the real Africa? Or is its shape being distorted for commercial purposes? A brilliant piece by James Wan in Think Africa Press

TAPI pipeline: The Afghan Taliban factor

TAPI, Afghan Taliban, India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, gas pipeline, US, Kandahar, Kabul, Islamabad, Heart, Gwadar, Strait of Hormuz, Galkinish, Balochistan, Afghan constitution, Sharia law, Yonical, Kapisa, Nangarhar, China

Afghan Taliban factor would keep India on edge

Good news: work on TAPI has begun. Bad news: the Afghan Taliban is has expanded. India’s big dream is at crossroads. New Eastern Outlook investigates.

2015 belonged to Putin’s Russia

Sputnik, US Intelligence Agency, US National Intelligence Council, Global Trends 2015, UN Security Council, Slavic, Russian demography, Eurasia, Nikolai Shlyamin, Kiev, Crimea, Turkey downs Su-24,  Russia’s air strikes in Syria, Ankara, NATO

The Russian bear bared its fang in 2015

We close the eventful 2015 with this Untold News from Sputnik which reveals US intelligence had completely misjudged Russia’s rise at the turn of the millennium.