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Iraq stands up with beauty pageant

Shaima Qassim, Miss Iraq, Basra, Bagdhad, Mosul, Kirkuk, terrorism, Mesopotamia, Hanging Garden of Babylon, Tigris, Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark,

Shaima Qassim is Miss Iraq 2015: courtesy NBCNews

In winning the first beauty pageant of her country in 43 years, Shaima Qassim let the world know that Iraq lives (see

5 points is all you need to know of Paris Climate deal

Paris Climate talks, greenhouse, gas emissions, carbon dioxide,  zero emissions, fossil fuel, renewable energy, bio energy,  wind turbine, solar farms, deforestations, Climate Vulnerable Forum

India  has been asked to leap-frog the fossil-fuel age

Below are the five things for all one need to know about the just-concluded Paris climate talks in case you feel swamped by the barrage of news, expert opinions and diplomatic language. 

Assad breaks his silence: A must read

Bashar al-Assad, Erdogan, Czech television channel, Daesh, IS, su-24, Takfiri, Syrian elections, Vienna talks

Assad pulls no punches in naming IS sponsors

Any bets that you would read this news in tomorrow’s newspapers? One is prepared to lose one's shirt you won’t. A sensational interview of Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad today.