Veeresh Malik

Restaurants, without online food, could lose in post-Covid world

4th August 2020
Eating out changed from being fuel for the family to the centre of our activities outside home a few decades ago. Along with disposable or surplus incomes, came this...

Guess what! There was no caste system in Gurukuls before the British messed it up

2nd August 2020
An internet friend from Bengaluru, who I have never met despite the city being my "sasural", sent me a message a few hours ago on WhatAapp.

Do passengers have a worse deal than pigs and goats in new Indian Railways?

1st August 2020
The Indian Railways has invited stakeholders for discussions on privatisation of passenger trains, and this included every possible group. Except the largest stakeholders...

“Forgive yes, but why Forget colonialism my fellow Indians?”

31th July 2020
Indians, especially those who are from the regional religions, are fast to forgive and forget the worst of deprivations and attacks visited on them. With the possible...

Poor Rhea! And the mess I can relate to from both sides of the coin

30th July 2020
Let us assume that the first-person references by me are fiction over here and therefore this is a story in the first-person. And that this has nothing to do with the...

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