Monday, December 4, 2023

Vijayan is running a fear regime in Kerala: Governor

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan described the Pinarayi Vijayan-led Kerala government as a fear regime on Thursday. Speaking to reporters, Khan stated that there is a fear regime in the state, with the state administration arresting anyone wearing a black shirt and attending a program under the guise of putting an end to protests.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, who has been opposing the appointment of Vice Chancellors of Universities in Kerala, stated that he is not doing this for personal gain or to push RSS people into the system and that if the Kerala CM proves this is correct, he will resign, and if he fails to prove, the CM should resign.

“He is saying I am doing this to bring RSS people. If I have nominated even one person, not just of RSS, any person, using my authority, then I will resign. Will he be able to resign if he is not able to prove it?” the governor asked.

On October 23, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan demanded the vice-chancellors (V-Cs) of nine state institutions to resign, claiming that procedures were breached during their nomination. Khan highlighted the issue of the appointment of vice-chancellors to numerous institutions in Kerala, alleging that the Supreme Court had earlier indicated that the Governor was responsible for the selection of vice-chancellors and not the state government.

He claimed that the state government has no involvement in it and that any law approved by the government must adhere to the terms of the University Grants Commission (UGC) rules.

After the Supreme Court ordered on October 21 that the appointment of a university vice-chancellor would be illegal if the search committee offered only one candidate rather than three to five, as required by the UGC regulations of 2013, the governor requested that the VCs resign.

Governor Arif Mohammed Khan previously remarked that the state was replacing Punjab as the “capital of drugs,” and that he was humiliated that the southern state’s two largest revenue streams were lottery and alcohol. Governor Khan, who is in conflict with the Left government on a number of topics, including university appointments, asserted that while the rest of the country was fighting against alcohol use, Kerala was supporting it.

Here, we’ve decided that the lottery and alcohol are sufficient for our development. What a disgrace for a state with a literacy rate of 100%. I am ashamed to be the head of state. What exactly is the lottery? You are robbing people. You are causing your people to become alcohol addicts. Do you know what the position is today? Kerala is replacing Punjab as the capital of drugs. Everyone does anti-alcohol campaigns, yet here, alcohol intake is encouraged. What a shame?” Khan stated at a book launch event.

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