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Walking Dead: Ugandan man “buried” by family returns home after 8 years

Wilberforce Mbulamaye, who officially died three years ago, has shown up safe and sound in his home village in Uganda, local media has reported.

Mbulamaye, a father of five from Bugolya village in Budaka district, was reported missing in January 2015 when he left home without saying a word to his family. According to the media, he disappeared right after he was released from prison.

Assuming that he died, the family desperately started to look for his remains. His brother, Balinawa Mubale, told reporters that they wanted to bury him in order to rest his spirit and prevent him from “possessing his children.” He stated that his spirit “directed” them to the place, where their father’s remains could be interred.

With the help of police and local leaders, the family managed to find a corpse on one of the farms in Gomba district in Central Uganda. His brother explained that the local residents helped them to “perform rituals and call upon the demons to direct us and show the site, and they took us to his grave near a farm.”

After that, his relatives performed some rituals and buried the body in the home village on June 3, 2020. However, it turned out that they buried the wrong person.

Later, it seems that the missing family member had been working on various farms in Gomba all these years.

A happy reunion occurred earlier this month when he accidentally bumped into one of his brothers-in-law on his way to work. Mbulamaye’s family was at first shocked and surprised when he walked into their house alive. Upon his return, the residents conducted cultural rituals to cleanse him and then started a great celebration with drinking and dancing.

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