Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Watch a badly drunk woman abuse, hit cab driver; cop in Mumbai

Collage courtesy OpIndia

A badly drunk woman, shrieking, abusing and even man-handling police, has herself splashed all over social media by the video the sufferer, a cab driver, shot of her despicable behaviour. 

The young girl, swaying under the influence of alcohol, was all over the street, sometimes rolling on it, as she threw the cab driver out of his car. 

As police arrived on the scene, she held one of the officers by his collars and threatened him. 

In the multiple videos that have gone viral, the woman could be seen going completely unhinged because of an alcohol overdose. In the above video shared by Twitter user @pb3060, the woman was standing beside a Mumbai Police vehicle while screening at her friend Roshni. The woman could also be seen heavily abusing anyone passing by on the road.

The driver started recording the video of the woman who took control of the car and refused to come out of the driver’s seat. Even after being repeatedly told by the Police and the driver to get out and behave, the drunk lady did not budge. Unapologetically posing for the video, she could be heard introducing herself with a roaring laugh, “Hello, my name is Archita..”

When a friend of hers intervened to stop her from doing so, she was slapped by the drunk lady instead. The video shot by the driver has made waves on social media, who in the clip could be heard saying, “Let the world know how Ola/Uber drivers are harassed.”

The intoxicated lady created quite a scene when she took over the road lying right in the middle of it. Looking at the condition of her clothes, a few netizens suspected that she might have urinated in her pants. During the fiasco, the woman sat on the road and kept on screaming abuses.

The passers-by were aghast looking at the condition of the woman. When one of her friends tried to control her, the woman slapped her and being unable to control her, fell on the road itself.

The drunken lady challenged that nothing would happen to her even if the police and the media were called. In one of the videos, the woman could be seen holding a police officer by his collar and threatening him with abuses. When the policeman tried to control her, she kicked him in her drunken state.

Apparently the incident happened in March. A case was registered against the three women for disturbing public law and order. All three were taken into custody. 

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