Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Watch: Chief of women’s panel fight with a lady cop

A heated argument between the chairperson of the Haryana Women’s Commission and a police officer took an ugly turn on Friday, devolving into coarse language in front of cameras.

At a meeting in Haryana’s Kaithal that included a discussion on a case involving a marital dispute, a fuming Renu Bhatia, chief of the women’s panel, was seen shouting at a police officer.

A video of the exchange, recorded by a local journalist, showed Ms Bhatia saying, “You could’ve slapped him? Had the girl checked up thrice. Get out! I don’t want to hear anything.”

Upon protests from the police officer, she said, “SHO take her outside. You will face departmental inquiry.”

The bitter squabble continued till the police officer was physically removed from the room by a colleague.

“We don’t come here to get insulted,” she is heard saying towards the end, while Ms Bhatia says, “So you come here to get the girl insulted?”

The argument apparently began over the police officer’s handling of a dispute between a husband and a wife.

“We got a case involving a husband and wife. The husband misbehaved several times with members of the commission and the police. The man wanted to leave the wife because according to him, she wasn’t ‘physically fit’,” Ms Bhatia later told the media.

“So, we ordered medical tests for both of them. And while the woman was tested three times, the man refused to get tested. The investigating officer also failed to get it done. So we have ordered a departmental inquiry against her,” she added.

The police officer is yet to comment on the charges against her.

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