Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Watch: Lions attack Giraffe who puts up a spirited fight

A video is going viral on social media which shows a herd of lions attacking a giraffe. Each lion leaps and tries to cling to the giraffe’s backside one by one.

In the video, the giraffe is showing all his strength in fighting with the lions, kicking the powerful beasts off with its hindlegs.

The video is shared by wildlife stories on Instagram on Wednesday with caption: “Strong Giraffe.”

This video has received over twenty million views since being shared.

The lions normally prey on deer and other mammals, but a giraffe is a rare encounter. This is due to the fact that a lion must seize the neck of its prey in order to dominate it in the traditional manner, which becomes extremely difficult in case of giraffes.

But the big cats keep trying. The lions attack the giraffe from behind, trying to ride on its back and bring it down by biting the legs and weakening it. The giraffe, however, keeps pushing the predators away successfully. The video ends abruptly and doesn’t show what happened in the end.

Users have hailed the fighting spirit of the giraffe.

“Usually In the wild there’s No Heroes. The predators will spot a very sick, young, or old and powerless victim, before attacking. Something seems to went totally wrong this time,” one user commented.

“Yea for the Giraffe,” a second user commented.

If a giraffe ends up kicking a predator, it can be severely injured or killed so not so many predators dare to attack a giraffe unless they find a young one or are desperate for a meal.

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