Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Watch: Man catches giant cobra snake hidden inside scooter

Snakes have a notorious reputation of being sneaky. These creepy creatures are also capable of sliding into the trickiest of spots and camouflaging themselves cleverly. So, spotting them in the unlikeliest of places is extremely common. In a similar incident, a snake was caught hiding inside a scooterette. A video of a man, who is also a conservationist, trying to rescue the giant cobra has caught internet’s attention. The scary thing is that the man caught the cobra with only his bare hands.

The clip has been shared on Instagram by user named @avinashyadav_26. According to his Instagram bio, Avinash Yadav is a conservationist and regularly posts interesting clips about different species of snakes.

The video opens with the man using a small screwdriver to capture the spectacled cobra hidden inside the scooterette. As the man pokes it, the cobra raises its head from inside the scooterette, and hisses angrily. It further curls itself around the scooterette, resisting the man’s advances. However, the man manages to grab its tail and captures the serpent with his bare hands. Meanwhile, terrified onlookers record the unusual scene on their mobile phones.

Since being shared, the video has gone viral garnering more than 20,000 likes, with many people in the comments section expressing their fear and sheer bewilderment. Others hailed Avinash for safely capturing the snake. “This is scary.. I can’t believe what’s going on” wrote an Instagram user. “Oh hell na. Lol. That’s like my biggest nightmare,” commented a second user.

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