Sunday, June 23, 2024

Watch: Pakistani groom with massive garland of currency is shocking

A video going viral on social media shows a groom in Pakistan with a gigantic garland made of currency notes. The garland is so big that the groom takes help of his friends who hold it together displaying it from the wedding stage. At least six people, including the groom, are seen partially hidden behind the garland. The video has been posted by several users on Twitter and other social media platforms and amassed hundreds of thousands of views. The video has been shot in Islamabad, according to social media posts.

The caption on the video says, “Pov: Dream Haar (garland) For your wedding day.”

The video originally appeared on Instagram on October 6, where it was posted by wedding photographer Aliya. Users who commented on the post slammed the extravagance, calling it “show off”.

“I’d rather have it in envelope,” commented one user. “He looks like UFO,” said another.

“This is show off. Simple weddings are best,” commented third user.

Weddings are opulent and expensive in India too. As part of celebrations, grooms are made to wear garlands made of currency notes, something that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has warned against.

Years ago, India’s central bank said in a statement that bank notes should be respected as they are a symbol of the sovereign and people should not misuse them.

It said using these notes for making garlands or showering them on personalities at social events shorten their life.

The RBI had also said that it had been taking all measures to supply clean notes across the country and urged people to contribute their mite to its efforts in pursuing a “clean note policy” for the country.

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