Saturday, December 9, 2023

Watch: Polish fighter savagely attacks a YouTuber influencer

Polish MMA thug Amadeusz Roslik has gone viral after footage of him delivering a brutal sucker punch on YouTuber Sadek while filming an interview spread to social media.

Roslik has fought under the FAME banner in his homeland, but he decided to settle a score with Sadek away from the cage while the YouTube star was answering questions during an interview with reporter Monika Laskowska. 

It is claimed that Sadek has criticized Roslik for many years, and allegedly slandered his family – which prompted Roslik to burst into shot and land a huge hook on his unsuspecting victim.

Though folded in half and knocked to the floor, Sadek managed to get back to his feet and tried to continue the interview in a daze with blood running from his mouth. 

Laskowska attempted to calm Sadek down with no security appearing to be present.

And as footage spread of the incident online, some fans called for a lifetime ban for the fighter known as ‘Ferrari’. 

“He should be banned from the sport and arrested. Happened more than once now,” suggested one. “Dude literally just needs to wait a few days to get paid to do that.”

“This guy should be banned from any good organizations. Absolutely unprofessional attitude,” was another opinion, with a separate party adding: “He was also once disqualified for soccer-kicking his opponent unconscious. He should be arrested for this s***, and never allowed to fight again.”

As implied by the remarks, Roslik has a history of unsavory incidents and in 2020 was disqualified for KO’ing an opponent and then kicking him in the face while he was grounded, which is illegal in MMA.

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