Sunday, June 16, 2024

Watch: Wife catches husband with another woman; thrashes him with slippers

A man was caught ‘red-handed’ by his wife with another woman at a hotel room in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. The man was reportedly found with her paramour at the hotel when his wife barged into the hotel room and allegedly brutally assaulted the ‘love birds’.

The entire incident was caught on mobile phone. The video shows the man’s wife catching the duo together inside the room. The woman then can be seen thrashing her husband and his lover with her slippers. The man can be seen begging for mercy, but the wife was in no mood to spare him and requested calling the police.

The video went viral on Wednesday. In the video, the woman can be seen slapping her husband and thrashing him with her slippers, according to the video tweeted by ANI.

During the assault, the man’s paramour sits on the other bed and watches the events unfolding in horror. The husband can be seen receiving several blows and punches from his wife.

The woman and a man recording the video can be heard saying, “you won’t be forgiven for what you have done.”

The infuriated wife grabs her husband by the collar and keeps on slapping him. The woman repeatedly requests for calling the police. The man shooting the video assures her that cops have been called.

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