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Watch: World’s longest bridge in Vietnam

A 2,073.5-foot-long glass bridge in the northern highlands town of Moc Chau in Vietnam, said to be the world’s longest glass bridge, will soon open to locals and tourists.

The bridge named Bach Long will open to the public on Reunification Day (April 30), a national holiday in Vietnam.

Officials with the Moc Chau Island Tourist Area in Son La Province have said that the official length of the glass bridge is being submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition as the longest glass bridge in the world. The current record is by the 1,410.7-foot-long glass bridge over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China’s Hunan Province.

Photos and videos of the glass bridge have surfaced online. As expected, the impressive architecture has already had a profound effect on netizens and locals.

The bridge, which is around 200 kilometers from Hanoi, is suspended nearly 500 feet over the ground. It is made of super tempered glass produced by leading French company, Saint Gobain.

The location will also run a cable car system that has been imported from South Korea, said reports.

When the bridge opens to the public on April 30, only 500 people will be allowed to walk on it at a time, according to Hoang Manh Duy, a representative of Moc Chau Island Tourist Area.

In 2021, a bridge in the Zhejiang province of China baffled people so much that they thought that it is not real.

The Ruyi glass bridge stands 140 meters above the ground and it is known as the ‘bending’ bridge because of how it looks.

The wacky architecture that went behind creating it threw people off massively. Two parts of the bridge overlap with one another which makes it all the more fantastical.

The bridge was unveiled back in 2017 and was opened to the locals in 2020.

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