Sunday, May 19, 2024

‘We will return favour with interest’: Aftermath of attack on Nadda in Bengal

First West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said the attack on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president JP Nadda on Wednesday was a “drama” by their own party. It was also said that the BJP, being in Centre, controls CRPF and other forces so why blame Trinamool Congress (TMC)?

It seems TMC has now got themselves in a bind. First Mamata’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee himself has riddled holes in the “drama” theory. He has been quoted as saying: “Nadda was in trouble today in Diamond Harbour. What can I do about it? Outburst of people’s anger is not my responsibility. Despite the hardships faced by people owing to lockdown, GST or the note ban, the BJP didn’t stand by the people,” said.

Now comes another rejoinder, this time by Nadda himself on the CRPF matter. “If Mamata di thinks so, this suggests she has no knowledge of administration. She has zero knowledge. CRPF and other forces don’t want on roads and provide security,” said Nadda.

BJP state unit chief Dilip Ghosh has meanwhile issued a stern warning to TMC. In a Facebook post, Ghosh cautioned: “Aami bolchi petan, tototai petan porobortikala jotota hajam kartarban. Lal diary te so likha rakhchi. Sud saho ferat debo amra.” (I am telling you to continue assaulting (our party leaders and workers). However, beat as much as you can withstand later on. I am writing everything down in my red book. We will return the favour with interest.)

Another BJP state leader Sayantan Basu has warned TMC with dire consequences if they don’t mend their behaviour.

“Sholay Cinemar dialogue sunacho toh. Ek maaroge toh hum 4 maarenge. BJP chaile Trinammol Congress er kunu neta der paschim bongar baira berhono bondho kore dita pare. Keu berhota parbana. Sob akhana idur er moton gorta lukiya thakba.“ s(You must have heard the dialogue from the movie ‘Sholay’ – If you kill one, then, we will kill 4. If BJP wants, it can ensure that TMC leaders cannot step outside the State of West Bengal. None can move an inch. And they will be forced to hide in one place like rats.)

A sample of such dire warning was seen on Friday when alleged BJP supporters vandalized New Delhi’s Banga Bhawan. The alleged BJP supporters defaced the nameplate of Banga Bhawan and vandalized the gate while raising slogans against TMC.

It’s also in public domain that following the alleged attack on Nadda’s convoy, the Ministry of Home Affairs had summoned the chief secretary and DGP of Bengal to explain the distressing incident. However, both have refused to present themselves to Ministry of Home Affairs.

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