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Who killed daughter of Putin’s philosopher?

Daria Dugin

Learning this morning of the assassination of Daria, the daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, an infinite sadness and anger overwhelmed me because this terrorist attack perpetrated in Moscow, and which targeted the Eurasist philosopher, is of such abjection that it no signature is needed to understand that it was the liberal globalist current that initiated it.

My first thoughts here go to his family and loved ones, his friends and all those of whom I am a part who admire the relevance of Eurasist thought and the courage of those who sow it in the deserts of enslaved consciences.

The details of the deadly attack are beginning to become known: Daria Dugin’s Land Cruiser Prado exploded on August 20, 2022 in the evening while traveling in the Moscow region near the village of Bolshie Vyazemy. An explosive charge, a priori about 400 grams of TNT was used to explode the car. Daria Dugin was the guest of honour at a lecture given by her father at the “Tradition” festival in the village of Zakharovo. When leaving the scene at 9:25 p.m., Aleksandr Dugin, who was the priority target of the attack, chose to get into another car on the same route at the last moment. At 9:35 p.m. Daria’s car exploded on the Mozhayskoye highway.

Aleksandr Dugin reacts with horror as the car, carrying his daughter, is engulfed by fire from a bomb explosion.

In the evolution of my thought the reading of Aleksandr Dugin was very important, in particular that of “The fourth political theory”, “The templars of the proletariat” or “the front of Tradition”, just like those of his ideological enemies like Brzeziński (“The Great Chessboard”), Fukuyama (“The End of History”) or Attali (“What Future”). All confirm this titanic ideological fight which has shaken the world since the arrival at maturity of a nihilistic and slave-like capitalism. Because if economic interests (often hidden) control the geopolitics of the Western World, its successive historical hegemonies have always been carried by an ideological totalitarianism that is both unique and protean which, from metamorphosis to metamorphosis, will vampirize all societal spheres/\.

Some idiots describe Dugin as the new Rasputin of the Kremlin, and despite the fact that many Western scholars of the Russian World have deconstructed this far-fetched myth (George Barros will say “Western journalists attributed to Dugin a great influence which simply does not exist ”), the Western demonization of Dougin continued to the criminal paroxysm of murdering her child.

Daria, who was only 30 years old, was not only the daughter of Aleksandr Dugin but also the brilliant heiress of the Eurasist thought of a multipolar World opposing the unipolar one of globalist liberalism.

The assassination of Daria Duginis not only the cowardly and odious act of a globalist ideology in agony and powerless against a metapolitical thought defending the freedoms of the people against the dictatorship of the commodity but a will to strike the soul of the peoples of a great Russia who rose up against the destruction of Tradition.

We are indeed in an eschatological and existential fight…

The response from greater Russia, when the culprits and their network are identified, will probably be terrible but legitimate!

Far from weakening the resistance against the globalist hegemony, there is no doubt that the martyrdom of Daria will reinforce, and throughout the world, this will of the non-aligned peoples to put a radical end to this slave-like and criminal liberal cosmopolitanism. Her assassination is the proof that the West is still, and even more than ever, governed by Torquemada of a single thought who only knows how to generate battalions of collaborators and assassins whose sole objective is to destroy the peoples free who refuse his slavery.

(This piece is taken with gratitude from Reseau International)

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